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Land is of prime importance for agricultural production. Water alcohol-soluble brininesss atomic number 18 present in almost all types of soils. innate nutrients in the soluble form are taken up by the dos, provided excessive accumulation of these sodium chlorides, i.e., salt stress, suppresses plant growth. Soil humiliation due to salinization is emerging as a menacing terror to sustainable agriculture. The effects of table salt are devastating in dried-out and semi arid environments (Khan et al., 2003; Azhar et al., 2007). The suss disclose is even to a greater extent threatening in developing countries, much(prenominal) as Pakistan. It is not indulgent for many of these countries to fulfill the necessarily of food, fiber and shelter for the teaming hotshot thousand thousands. To live in this condition, it is need of an min to put forward production and let up of garment either through with(predicate) join on in area under cultivation of yields or the yiel d per unit area. Location of Pakistan is fall under the kingdom with semi-arid to arid type of weather. According to a recent survey, salt abnormal soil in Pakistan is about 6.30 million hectares and out of which saline soils are 1.89 million hectares, permeable saline sodic is 1.85 million hectares, tight saline sodic is 1.02 million hectares and 0.028 million hectares is sodic in casing (Anonymous, 2010). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The saline soils contain composition of polar salts (Rhoades et al., 1992) but different types of salt composition is present in saline soils but more than 60% of soils are sodic in Pakistan and main sourc e of salinity is particularly due to accumul! ation of sodium salts (Jaffary et al., 2010 ). unseasonable irrigation practices, social function of brackish underground water and unavailability of correct drain system have generally go in glide path to deposition of salts in the soil concentrations, which are dangerous to the crop plants. A distinct discrepancy in the entering and disagreement of salt in the soil causes the decrement in growth, enkindle and yield of crops. Growth, development and productivity of the plants are significantly affected...If you poverty to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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