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General Information about Anthrax :: Anthrax

The distemper Anthrax derives its seduce from the Greek word anthracis, which means coal. This name is in response to the characteristic black, coal-like central regions located on the anthrax skin lesions that appear in the cutaneous (tissue) form of the disease (Centers for Disease curb and Prevention (CDC)). Although the 2001 letter attacks brought it widespread attention, anthrax has been around throughout history in many different aras. For example, the fifth and/or sixth plagues of Egypt that occurred during the time of Moses (1250 B.C.) are thought to represent the earliest historical reports of the disease, due to the systemic and cutaneous forms of the disease(Turnbull). In addition, its appearance has been noted in areas such as Asia squirt during the siege of Troy and its description has been found in the works of many famous authors such as Homer, Hippocrates, Varro, Virgil, and Galen. This leads to the idea that the Greeks and Romans were well acquainted with it (Tu rnbull). From then on its appearance may have occurred in France, England, Germany, Hungary and Poland. It wasnt until the 1700s when its appearance was reported in America in animals. And within the next 100 years or so, Anthrax was being used by biologists to help with the progression of science. Robert Koch, in 1876, established Bacillus anthracis as the first proven bacterial sustain of a human disease. His work led to the development of Kochs Postulates, a set of diagnostic criteria still used by microbiologists today (Nester). Also, the vaccine for anthrax, essential by Louis Pasteur in 1881, was the first effective live vaccine for a bacterial disease. All of these reported accounts, as well as other scientist journals in the late 1700s and 1800s, show that this disease is not new to the human race.Anthrax is a highly infectious disease caused by Bacillus anthracis that infects animals including humans. The disease is more common in large herbivores but can also infect hum ans who are exposed to diseased animal tissue or bacterial spores of the disease. These herbivores include cattle, sheep, horses, goats, and pigs as well as wild populations of deer, elephants, buffalo, and others. Incidents of anthrax among animals have been reported by 82 countries, however, these countries are limited to those with weak reality veterinary health programs (Friedlander). Therefore, humans who live in these countries are of high-risk of acquiring the disease through different means of transmission.

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Chilc Abuse Essay -- essays research papers

Each year in the USA there are approximately bingle million reports of child maltreatment, about 25% relate to physical twist around and about 1000 children die of maltreatment each year (US Department of wellness and Human Services 1999). During the past few decades, researchers live aimed at detecting the children, who are at high risk of becoming victims of abuse, so that appropriate interventions faecal matter be undertaken. The risk factors that have been emphasized include characteristics of the child, family, and social environment, and the relationship. One of the risk factors that have been widely studied is the call forths upbringing, specifically whether he or she was treat as a child. This risk factor is often referred to as intergenerational transmission of child abuse. Soon after Kempe introduced the Battered Child Syndrome a number of reports began to pop out which suggested that abusive parents were themselves abused as children (Curtis 1963 Galdston 1965 Wass erman 1973). Since this concept was presented there has been a considerable amount of research done on the subject. Steele (1983) declared that with few exceptions, parents or early(a) caretakers who maltreat babies, were themselves neglected (with or without physical abuse) in their own earliest years(p. 235). In contrast, Cicchetti and Aber (1980) have asserted that empirical support for intergenerational transmission is lacking. Kaufman and Zigler (1987) reviewed leaven suggesting that abused children become abusive parents and concluded that the case for transmission across generations has been overstated. Looking back on past investigations gives support for intergenerational transmission, almost without exception. These investigations identify maltreating parents and because interview them about their own childhood. Investigations done with and without control groups indicate abusing parents report high rates of having been abused physically during childhood (Steele and Po llock 1974 Horowitz and Wollock 1981 Oliver 1978 Kotelchuk 1982 Friedrich and Wheeler 1982). Kaufman and Zigler have pointed out the problem with using results stemming from retrospective investigations to estimate the effect of an abused-abusing cycle. Because these investigations dont have access to parents who were mistreated as children, they tend to overestimate the incidence of the maltreated-maltreating cycle. There are a... ...Reference 1. Cicchetti, D., and Aber, J.L. demoralized children-abusive parents An overstated Case? Harvard Educational Review (1980) 50244-55. 2. Curtis, G. C. Violence breeds violence-perhaps? American Journal of abnormal psychology (1963) 120386-87. 3. Friedrich, W. N., and Wheeler, K. K. The abusing parent revisited A decade of psychological research. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (1982) 170577-87. 4. Gladston, R. Observations on children who have been physically abused and their parents. American Journal of Psychiatry (19665) 122440-43. 5. Hilberman, E. Overview The wife-beaters wife reconsidered. American Journal of Psychiatry (1980) 1371336-47. 6. Horowitz, B., and Wollock, I. Maternal deprivation, child maltreatment and agency interventions among poor families. In L. Pelton, eds. The Social Context of Child Abuse and Neglect. Human Sciences Press, 1981. 7. Kadushin, A., and Martin, J. Child Abuse An Interactional Event. Columbia University Press 1981. 8. Kaufman, J., and Zigler, E. Do abused children become abusive parents? American Journal of Orthopsychiatry (1987) 57186-92. 9. Kotelchuk, M. Child abuse and neglect Prediction and misclassification.

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Essay --

ConclusionThe execution of the above recommendations (Appendix D) will aid in resolving issues in the implementation of the sore systems. These recommendations will create change and generate further discussion on how C&B can improve execution of their new systems. intelligence activity Count (Report Only) 1182 Appendix AKAT SWOT AnalysisSTRENGTHSWEAKNESSES Specialists can give in depth, technical advice to customers, customers have detailed information about proceedso value propositiono tailors to customers needs and questionso gives more credibility to products by having specialists give expert knowledge Tasks can be shared up, more efficient Team serves as members incentive to boost sales in area of specializationo Specialists can devote time to intimate own product bettero Figure out strategies to best promote and sell product Customers have more intricate transactionso have to deal with multiple specialists instead of one generalisto complex chain of communication Speciali sts not used to teamwork since they worked individually beforeo dont have effective group dynamic and communication skills Team attitudeso Members have varying viewpoints on new organization both negative (Callahan, Oates) and positive (Jen)o Nominal head Callahan is pessimistic, could affect group perceptions and behaviors Limits employees abilities, natural strengths may be in selling genera products Commission based on sales volume for specialists specializationo Individual motivation may go downOPPORTUNITIESTHREATS More attention to firm wide priorities leading to increased profitability Sharing customers makes tasks faster Specialized knowledge on products, especially emerging products, may increase customer base beca... ...ships. Staff members who usually dont get along well should be put together. Tank DrivingA handful of light objects that are easy to throw (paper balls or beanbags) should be placed randomly around on the ground of a large room. Participants would thusl y be paired off into groups for this activity. One person from each group would be the tank they are blindfolded and are not allowed to talk. The partner would be the tank driver and they control the tank through communicating verbally. Once the game starts, the tank driver would direct the tank to pick up the objects divide around the room and throw them at the other tanks. However, the tank drivers are to stand along the walls of the room and are not allowed to move. If a tank gets concern by an object, they would sit out until all the other tanks are eliminated. The last pair to survive would be the winners.

Classic Vampirism and Recent Changes Essay -- Mythology

CLASSIC VAMPIRISM AND RECENT CHANGESChange often occurs due to the simple nature of time. What erstwhile stood as a finite and steadfast definition will shift and evolve. Genres bleed into one another and mix mythologies. The realm of the supernatural in writings does not lie outside this trend. Wizards no longer call themselves Merlin and spend their days under the patronage of a heroic king the middling wizard now goes by common names like Harry or Ron and attends school, saving the world on the side. Cyclops presently means a man with laser eyes who wears leather and fights crime, not a one-eyed island beast. Vampirism does not escape such(prenominal) change. No longer can one consistently find a vampire to be the bloodthirsty life-sucking demon of a story. Recent everyday fiction humanizes vampires, embodies them with the common individual struggles of earth, and twists the vampire ethos to suit such reformation. This trend exists outside of works traditionally classified a s Vampire Literature and spans the breadth of fiction. Samples from across the spectrum of vampires in literature, Stephenie Meyers popular teen act series Twilight and Christopher Moores absurd humor novels Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck, demonstrate the common humanized portrayal of vampires and its effects. To understand the evolved nature and image of vampirism in recent popular fiction, one must first know of the previous representations and assumed standards. Vampires, and all monsters for that matter, typically exist to represent one of the greatest fears of humankind fear of the unknown. Vampires body this through many facets, namely death and the dark world of the night. Rosemary Ellen Guilley, Ph. D. and vampire scholar, succinctly summarizes th... ...ated with their kind. They technically come from deceased humans and thereby vex no body heat or need to eat, breathe, or go to the bathroom. As soon as the sun peaks over the horizon, Moores vampires automatically clash and enter the sleep of the dead and survive only by drinking blood (Fiends 28). The vampires also possess heightened senses and immense strength, capable of completing impossible feats such as running up the side of a building and hearing the heartbeats of those around them (Fiends 24). Unable to be harmed by traditional means, Moores creatures experience forgetful pain and heal at a rapid rate. The vampires possess the ability to shape shift from human form into mist. Moore bestows his vampires with the unique ability to see the auras of the humans around them. Healthy humans radiate a bright pink glow the sickly emit a dim gray light.

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Adam Smiths Lectures on Jurisprudence Essay -- Economics Lectures Jur

Adam Smiths Lectures on JurisprudenceAdam Smith, in his Lectures of Jurisprudence, makes an argument for the necessity of marriage through biological mechanisms. While superficially similar, his arguments seem to differ greatly from the modern notion of how labor is distributed within the household. Instead of examining the comparative advantages in production between the husband and the wife, Smith seems to concentre on the importance of lineage and, more specifically, inheritance.The foundation of Smiths argument for the necessity of marriage is rooted in children. He begins with examples contrary to the tender experience. He finds that in mammals, since the support of the young is no burthen to the female any further relation is seen as unnecessary (Smith 438). Birds, however, some such subject as marriage seems to take place (438). He quickly counters with but whenever the young can shift for themselves all further inclination ceases (438). The essential slash of this argument here is the demands made on the parent by the child. According to his argument, th...

Adam Smiths Lectures on Jurisprudence Essay -- Economics Lectures Jur

Adam Smiths Lectures on JurisprudenceAdam Smith, in his Lectures of Jurisprudence, makes an argument for the necessity of union through biological mechanisms. While superficially similar, his arguments seem to resist greatly from the modern notion of how labor is distributed within the household. Instead of examining the comparative advantages in production between the husband and the wife, Smith seems to focus on the sizeableness of lineage and, more specifically, inheritance.The foundation of Smiths argument for the necessity of marriage is rooted in children. He begins with examples contrary to the human experience. He finds that in mammals, since the support of the young is no burthen to the female any further relation is seen as unnecessary (Smith 438). Birds, however, some such thing as marriage seems to take place (438). He quickly counters with but whenever the young can shift for themselves all further inclination ceases (438). The essential piece of this argument hither is the demands made on the parent by the child. According to his argument, th...

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Harley-Davidson’s Motivational Programs Essay

History of Harley-DavidsonToday it is hard to imagine Harley-Davidson (Harley) as a low-quality motorcycle manufacturer in severe pecuniary trouble. al bingle thats exactly what Harley was in the beginning of the 1980s. Harley motorcycles were of such poor quality that everyplace half of all the cycles produced were deedively inoperable because of missing parts or poor assembly. When Japanese motorcycle manufacturers entered the US market th reliable and well-built bikes, past and potential Harley customers switched over to the foreign brand. The except customers that remained with Harley were its most loyal, technologically apprehensiveness ones who were committed to the Harley brand name. As a result, between 1973 and the early 1980s, Harleys market sh ar dropped from over 75% to under 25%. By 1984, sales had dropped to $294 million and profit was merely $2.9 million. The future of Harley was nothing but bleak.In order to change the fraternitys performance and improve the q uality of the bikes produced, Harley use a series of programs and reorganization efforts to motivate its employees to help Harley tip over around. Since Harley was financially squeezed, the bulk of the incentive programs were based on intrinsic motivation, including employee mandate and increased dispute and excitement in the job. Harley similarly began offering financial incentives that were tied to specific performance factors. Due to the extraordinarily positive results from these programs, they be still in effect today.Intrinsic penuryal StrategiesEmployee EmpowermentIn order to motivate its employees to improve the manufacturing process, Harley implemented a program that empowered its employees at all levels to take to a greater extent control of the operations and decision-making in the club. In order to get the best that each employee has to offer, Harley encourages every employee to suggest ideas, involves all employees in major company decisions, and allows its hour ly workers to overhear more than decisions than most companies. This not only improves employee morale by instilling a sense of worth in each employee, it also creates a sense of extension to the company. In turn, this empowerment results in increased dedication to the company, hard work and improved employee performance because each employee is given the power to initiate change and make decisions that affect the company.Furthermore, Harleys culture supports its strategy of employee empowerment. Harley is a flat organization with only two layers of management that fosters a friendly and collaborative environment. The atmosphere is occasional and all employees interact with each other-there are no rigid lines between the management and the hourly workers. This generates a sense of camaraderie and feelings of mutual respect, which in turn facilitates open lines of communication and comfort with speaking up to identify problem areas and possible solutions. In addition, the company does not punish failed ideas or criticize out-of-the-box suggestions. Instead, the company always evaluates the new ideas and rewards employees for creative solutions that work. In fact, in 2001, more than 20% of Harleys IT staff was internally promoted for creative thinking that resulted in better or faster production.Finally, Harley doesnt force the added responsibility and power onto the employees and leave them to fend for themselves, adopting a survival of the fittest attitude. Rather, it provides them the tools and skills necessary to succeed in the more challenging and intricate environment. Believing that all employees that are expected to take on the responsibility of increased employee power should be equipped with certain necessary competencies, Harley provides training in communication, conflict resolution, team skills, planning, problem solving, decision making, and performance management. For example, Harley-Davidson University, a training program required for all em ployees, teaches employees how to do business stimulation and how to plan for self-control succession since they deal with a lot of goods and services (How Companies are Managed).Harley plane provides hourly workers the skills necessary to be able to market their new ideas to management and their peers. It trains employees on computers and teaches them how to give presentations on PowerPoint and how to use spreadsheets to manage the implemented changes. This commitment to training and education demonstrates Harleys loyalty to and confidence in its employees and gives them the skills and abilities necessary to make employee empowerment a success for the company and a non-threatening, welcomed aspect of the job to the employees.An example of how employee empowerment motivated an employee to generate change in the production process and whence financially realize Harley is when an hourly worker suggested putting two tanks in the pain chamber where he worked. The suggestion was quic kly implemented and ended up doubling the productivity in the paint shop If not for the combination of employee empowerment, the necessary training, and a supportive culture, it is unlikely that this hourly worker would wee even discovered the potential improvement in the painting process. Yet, even if he did, he probably would not have cared decorous to felt comfortable enough to suggest his idea to his manager. Consequently, Harley would have missed out on the full potential of its employee and would have been less productive in the manufacturing process.Challenging & Enjoyable WorkHarley also motivates its employees by matching its employees with projects that are personally interesting and challenging to each employee. First, management makes the projects more meaningful to the employees by explaining the overall business objectives of the projects and helping them run across the business value of successfully achieving those objectives. For example, Harley doesnt just promot e new technology for technologys sake, but rather markets the technologys overt importance to the customer and the bottom line. This gets the employees interested in the project and excited about achieving the stated goals.Harley also tries to motivate employees by making their work sufficiently challenging. While giving the employees the ability to and pressuring them to step up and initiate positive change in the organization is one strategy to make the workplace more exciting, Harley doesnt stop there. It also offers all of its employees the chance to work on new technologies, innovative processes and highly-visible projects. Employees are assigned to these activities by showing initiative, keeping up with current technologies or process improvements and learning soft skills such as how to work effectively on a team and how to talk with business customers (Hamblen). This not only keeps employees interested in their work, it motivates them to improve their portfolio of skills so that they can participate in these challenging and exciting projects.Finally, Harley makes a concerted effort to match employees with projects and jobs in which they have specific interest. Managers are urged to stay in tune with the interests of their workers in order to best match them with the available job opportunities. For example, managers have quarterly review meetings with their subordinates to treat upcoming projects in the company and determine which projects are of interest to the employee. Harleys commitment to maintaining the employees interest in their work is paying off. In 2001, the IT department, which has over 200 employees, had a turnover rate of less than 3%. Such a low rate clearly illustrates the employees satisfaction with their jobs and commitment to Harley.Intrinsic Motivation An exampleA prime example of Harleys use of intrinsic motivation programs is its use of councils. Councils are groups of employees, with ten approximately members, who work to addres s specific issues that affect their day-to-day work. Fellow workers choose the members, and it is considered an honor to be selected to serve. The work done on the council is typically exciting and challenging, and produces tangible and noticeable results throughout the organization.Due to the prestige associated with universe on the council, along with the skills developed by serving on one, participating in a council is widely recognized as a career evolution opportunity (Vitiello). While these councils do increase decision-making time, the wins are worth the lost time. First, they motivate employees to perform well in order to get on one of the councils and to get recognized while serving on one. Second, they create wider acceptance of the decisions by the employees because they were partly responsible for and involved in making the decisions rather than them being mandated by management.Financial MotivationHarley understands that while intrinsic rewards are important, emplo yees are also significantly motivated by financial incentives. Therefore, Harley implemented three kinds of variable financial incentives, all of which that are linked to valued behavior. First, at least a portion of every employees compensation package depends on the achievement of the companys annual goals when the company meets or exceedsits objectives, the employees meet or exceed their target salary. Second, Harley utilizes a stock program whereby a portion of the employees compensation is in stock options. This motivates employees to continually improve the overall performance of Harley because the better the company does, the higher the stock price and potential financial benefit to the employees. Finally, employee performance bonuses are given to individuals that provide exemplary work or suggest improvements that result in increased productivity or lower costs. both three of these programs motivate the employees to improve the productivity, efficiency, and financial perfor mance of Harley.Harley-Davidson Today The Results of Harleys Motivational ProgramsThe programs implemented by Harley back in the middle of the 1980s are still being used today. And for good debate-Harleys performance has done nothing short of skyrocket since their implementation. In the first quarter of 2003, Harley reported scratch sales of $1.1 billion and a net income of $186.2 million. This is over 3.7 times the sales generated throughout the entire 1984 fiscal year. The Vice-President of the Kansas City office believes these motivation programs are the reason why Harley has had such a complete and long-lasting turn aroundWeve created an environment where all employees are valued and expected to make good decisions to benefit the enterprise, and people who feel they are making a contribution to the business are happier people, and they are committed to helping the company succeed. With 8,000 people showing up each day, determined to find ways to improve our business, Im confid ent we will be able to continue our successful growth (How Companies are Managed).Web Sites Used1.Why you can still buy a Harley by Derek Parker hebdomad of January 15, 2001 http// profit roars past estimates on slower U.S. sales week of April 14, 2003 http// Companies are Managed by Brandon McNeal http//

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Love is a logical Fallacy Essay

Love is a logical f everyacy. In Metamorphoses, even the god of pure reason, Apollo is ridiculed and be commits irrationally while the Phaedra of Seneca violated all norms of proper female behavior for the sake of her admire. Truly, love makes people do the nigh illogical and impractical acts. Love is a logical fallacy because had reason intervened, the ill-fate of the characters in both works would be largely abated. In book twelve of the Metamorphoses, Priam laments Paris incontinence. By his rape of Helen and his rejection of Hera as the fairest goddess, Paris had effectively doomed Priams city of Troy. Priam, Hector and all others of Priams sons wept for the tragedy that would soon befall the city. Not so for Paris because he felt that his love for Helen, and the love she felt for him in return was just compensation. Such is the hubris that Paris love brought upon the house of Priam. Hubris too drove Phaedra, who was married to Thesus to hear to seduce her foster son Hippolyt us. Many artifices and guiles lead she employ through out the play but Hippolytus refuses to dishonor his fathers memory by committing incest on the queen. Phaedra will become increasingly desperate even co-opting her wet nurse to help her win over the young Hippolytus but to no avail. In the end Phaedra will even accuse Hippolytus of indeed having relations with her to his father Thesus. Hippolytus will die because of her slander. Indeed when they said love conquers all they had the love-crazed Phaedra in mind. Her nutty love conquered all reason from her mind and led her to an untimely and unfortunate end. Still another story of hubris from the Metamorphoses is the ill-fate of Midas. Already wealthy and a reasonably reigning king Midas desired gold above all other treasures. So Bacchus grants him the power to turn all that he touches into gold. He soon embarks upon a tragical quest to gain as much gold as his can until he soon turns even his daughter into gold. The lust for go ld ruined all that was good around him. The tragedy of Midas was that he was so blinded by his love for gold that he did not realize how much that he sincerely loved could be lost.No less tragic was the life of Thesus in Phaedra. After returning from the dead Thesus is greeted by his wife with the accusation that Hippolytus had had his way with her. blind with rage over the mishandling of his beloved wife Thesus says a prayer to Neptune for the redress of his wrongs. Sure as a sunrise, Neptune strikes down Hippolytus by having him ripped apart by his horses. neer mind that he was entirely innocent to begin with. However, even if Amor, the Roman Cupid, can drive all reason from those he assails not all of his conquests have turned to evil. One example is the love story of Thetis and Peleus, the soon to be famous parents of Achilles. Evil was still done to the two but eventually their dangerous undertaking resulted in some good being accomplished. In the story of the two lovers in book Thetis was a sea nymph whose beauty so displace Peleus that the poor king would soon be driven to desperate measures to gain her. Just like Phaedra he begins a campaign of seduction that is initially rebuffed by the coy nymph mirroring the failed seduction efforts of Phaedra upon Hippolytus. However, while Phaedra is ultimately unsuccessful Peleus has some measure of success. After a whole day of trying to conquer Thetis, and Thetis trying to break free eventually Thetis tires of their struggles and consents to have relations with Peleus. As will later be seen, this union will result in Achilles perhaps the most famous Grecian in story and in Song. Hippolytus tried to stay loyal to his father by refusing to acquiesce to his step-mothers incestuous desires. His deep love for his father does not allow him to dishonor him especially not so soon. Eventually, Phaedra accuses him wrongly and Thesus prayers leads to his death. However, in his death some good is achieved since Phaed ra confesses her incestuous desires and the innocence of Hippolytus.As this sampling of the two works suggests love is not places in very high regard by these two authors. By allowing reason to be overwhelmed by love, or lust, the heroes and gods are led down ill paths. Phaedra embarks of a sickening path of incestuous seduction, Midas loses everything to worthless gold, Troy will burn for the indiscretion of the son Paris. Thesus will slay his own son out of blind love for Phaedra. They are a just a few examples, how love conquered the rational fancy of the characters and brought them ill fate.If any good is achieved it is accidental and to be realized later on. Tragedy still befalls those who imbibe in love regardless of what good will occur later because of it. Just ask Hippolytus who was torn apart by his horses before Phaedra would realize the error of her ways.Trully, love is a logical fallacy. Both Greek and Roman prized reason and common sense over love. It is by allowing o urselves to be buffeted by the winds of love that tragedy befalls. Therefore, we must ever be ready lest our reason be mastered by this logical fallacy.

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Week 4 Quiz

Week 4 Quiz1. An example of asecessionist minoritywould be a. Native Americans. b. the Amish. c. Irish Catholics. d. Italian Americans.2. The pattern of grandchildren of immigrants increasing their interest in their heathenity is called a. ethnic pluralism. b. the principle of third generation interest. c. ancestor worship. d. the theory of bicultural immersion.3. What is theethnicity paradox? a. The emphasis on ethnic foods and ethnically associated political associations instead of deeper ties. b. The maintenance of ones ethnic ties in a way that can assist with ones enculturation in larger society. c. The belief that ones own culture is not as good as the dominant culture in society. d. The brotherly acceptance of prejudice toward flannel ethnics.4. Members of which White ethnic group were placed in an internment camp in Montana during WWII? a. Japanese b. Italians c. Jews d. Irish5. Which two White ethnic groups found, upon immigrating to America, that their shared religion d id not trump their cultural differences, to such a degree that clergy were imported from Europe?a. Germans and Irish b. Irish and Italians c. Jews and Italians d. Germans and Poles6. Which of the following would non be considered a White ethnic group? a. Jews b. Italians c. Chinese d. Swedes7. The 1962 Supreme Court decisionEngel v. Vitaleruled which of the following unconstitutional? a. Christmas displays in public shallows b. school prayer c. certain religious activities in schools d. teaching creationism8. A large, organized religion that is not officially linked with the state or government is know as a. n ecclesia. b. a denomination. c. a cult. d. a sect.9. Which of the following faiths has the largest membership in the United States? a. the Roman Catholic Church b. Jewish congregations c. Southern Baptist assemblage d. the United Methodist Church10. Civil religiondescribes a. governments run by the church. b. belief systems incorporating many religions, but no single one. c. courts restricting religious freedom. d. New get along faiths

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Local Literature for Entrance Exam Registration Essay

Every year thousands of high school graduating students seek admission to PUP through its College Entrance Test (PUPCET). For the School form 2008-2009, the Admissions Office recorded approximately 42,000 appli bathts. During peak periods of application, it takes several hours to complete this process. At times applicant has to return to PUP to finish the transaction. Time and resources spent by the applicants and by the University could have been used to more productive activities.Moreover, during the month of October and mid-December, the Admissions Office has to suspend processing of application to allocate their resources to the processing of mid-year graduation and to attend to the readjustment for second semester. The existing system does not integrate the data captured by various offices involved in the processing of the PUPCET. The Admissions Office, Accounting Department, Cashier, Guidance and Counseling, Scholarships, Student Services, schoolman Units, Research and Develo pment, Human Resources are just some of the units who will use the information by this system.In addition, the University is required to submit data and reports regularly to remote agencies such as the Commission of Higher Education (CHED), Department of Budget and Management (DBM), Congress, etc. The absence of an integrated database tends to result to data inefficiency, which affects the quality and objectiveness of the recommendations, decisions and plans by the policy-making body or administrators and other stakeholders. In order to address this problem, PUP iApply (formerly codename Project Silangan) was conceptualized.Applicants benefit from the proposed system as compared to the existing systems, because they can Apply anytime, anywhere at their convenience using any personal computer connected to the Internet, save on cumulative expenses (transportation fare, food, etc. ), save on time and energy (transportation, falling-in- fold), and verify status of application anywhere , anytime. These are just a few of the ways PUP iApply can impact the bottom line and simplify the admission process.

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Leaders and Followers: The roles we each play Essay

IntroductionThroughout nursing history there have been great leading. In every holds career there are leaders we work with that we come to admire and may even attempt to emulate. As I continue my journey to becoming a Masters prepared nurse I willing need to step up as a leader. It is a employment that The Nurse Leader New Perspectives on the Profession is providing the agnizeledge and understanding of how I will need to progress. The question Are you a leader or are you a colleague? is one I will now be able to answer. Followership StyleAm I a leader or a follower? If I am a follower what type of follower am I? Followership is a term I had not heard in the first place beginning this leadership class. Taking the Followership Style shield provided by Grossman & Valiga (2009, pg. 56-57) was interesting. Scoring a 3.7, my personal followership style is accountd as moderately participative or Independent worker does not need close watchfulness just a bit of feedback. I actuall y was not surprised by the results of the test. I am an experienced nurse with more than 20 years working in and around surgical services. At this point in my career I am pass judgment to function autarkically and work as a leader and resource for my peers. The* With information from the Learning Resources in mind, what implications does this score have for your role as a leader? I am independent of management in my daily work ethic* Were you surprised by the outcome of the test? If yes, explain how. If the results were consistent with your expectations, offer evidence to support that assertion. * How scum bag information gained in this survey help you become a more effective follower?Role of a Follower* Describe a role in your professional life in which you would portray yourself as a follower. As a member of the Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN) I am a follower. I utilize the standards established by AORN in my daily practice. My work ethic is an example to other sta ff members and peers. . Based on what you know now about attributes of leadership, what are some things you might want to focus on in terms of developing more effective leadership skills? Grossman & Valiga (2009) describe nurse leaders as self-confident with a high degree of self esteem, and are visionary. Experienced nurses are looked to as resource nurses and mentors. Moving ahead toward my goal of becoming a nurse educator I need to step forward into a leadership role more often than I do now. I need to develop a better sense of my leadership style and practice.ANA Bill of Rights and Leadership* Briefly, explain how the ANA Bill of Rights might be of value to you as follower or as a leader. The ANA Bill of Rights provides a frame work for nursing practice. A frame work of what is expected of us as professionals and what we can expect from employers, facilities and patients.ConclusionThe answer to the question Am I a leader or a follower, is I am both. At this juncture of my care er I tend to be a follower. As a future educator and mentor I am expected to be a leader. Lead by example and inspire those I work with to achieve more than they believed possible. was never one I considered before I began. know where I fall into each of these two distinct categories. Where do my strengths lie? What are the areas of improvement I need to examine so that I can become a leader and follower .ReferencesGrossman, S. C., & Valiga, T. M. (2009). Followership and empowerment. In S. C. Grossman & T. M. Valiga (Eds.), The new leadership challenge creating the future of nursing (pp. 35-59). Philadelphia, PA F. A. DavisCompany.

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Reflection Paper About the Movie “Every Child Is Special” Essay

REFLECTION PAPER FOR THE MOVIEEVERY CHILD IS SPECIALIshaan Awasthi an eight-year old whose world is modify with wonders that no one else seems to appreciate and who were always getting in trouble at check for cosmos so misbehaving and out of focus from his lessons. Too often, he would be caught by his teacher daydreaming and getting low grades. He raze can non read nor write, for him letters and numbers be his enemy. For the hoi polloi around him, Ishaan is a naughty and lazy boy because of this, his father sent him to boarding school, all alone and homesick with the hope of disciplining him, but the academic status of Ishaan did not quiesce improve. Instead, he became withdrawn and lonely, far from the Ishaan who was active and fun-loving. Then came a new art teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh who infects the students with joy and optimism. He breaks all the rules of how things are through with(p) by asking them to think, dream and imagine, and all the children respond with enthusi asm, all except Ishaan.But with Ram Shankar Nikumbhs time, patience, care, and some awesome motivation he in the end helps Ishaan find himself and change the way Ishaan would act towards school and learn to appreciate himself even more. Ishaan Awasthi is not an ordinary student. He has a very wild and original imagination that brings him to different worlds, to worlds unknown to his classmates, teachers and family. He usually plays and does things on his own, he has his own special perception on things. Though his talent in photograph and creativity is exceptional, he is just standardised every other kid, he loves to play and goof around. But the puzzle was, he cannot not cope with school the way other kids does. He has repeated the third grade, and still he did not show any improvement. He fails to read and write properly thats why he was unable to pass his subjects. At the same time, he cannot attend to himself buttoning his shirt or tying his shoe lace. A kid at the age of 9 is capable of all those things, unfortunately for Ishaan he is not, because he suffered from dyslexia. The teacher-student relationship here is just so heartwarming. In fact, its more pinch than Ishaans relationship with his parents. On his first day of school, Ishaans teachers were upset by his poor performance in class.His Arts teacher even whacked his knuckles five times. Ishaan was overwhelming and traumatized at the same time because ofhow strict the teacher. He became depressed and sad. in that respect is also a scene where Ishaan runs remote from school and loiters on the road for the whole day for the fear of being punished for not having done his home educate. I never did anything like that in school. The analogy might not be warranted but this is just one of those scenes which made me relate to Ishaans plight in the movie. The incidents involving the teacher-student interactions depicted in this movie are so relevant in todays times when you get to see and hear on te levision at regular intervals innovative punishments like whipping and punching done to students. He once complained that The letters are dancing when he was asked to read. Teacher threw him out of the class and the student who passes by the hall mocked him for being punished. Moreover, Ishaan reversed letters when he wrote and demonstrated a poor understanding of mathematical concepts. Sometimes if he commits mistakes everybody laughs at him or will shout on him. A scenario that was related to me during my elementary year that was related to Ishaan, is being bullied and put to shame by my teacher.Everyone is challenged by obstacles in his or her life serious problems to fence with. Some people are defeated by the obstacles in their lives, while others find way to overcome them. I believe that everyone has problems or challenges to overcome. Even people who think that they are perfect have problems or challenges to overcome. Life is beautiful but not always easy, it has problems, too, and the challenge lies in facing them with courage, letting the apricot of life act like a balm, which makes the pain bearable, during trying times, by providing hope. As a student, who burns mid night oil, makes sacrifice and resists temptations so that I can perform well. Similarly, a successful executive has to face the ups and downs of life, not forgetting the life is a mix of success and failure, joy and sorrow. I overcome my problem by means of self-steam and through the help of other people I meet in this world. Ishaan overcome his problem through the help of Ram Shankar Nikumbh.Difficulties leaven the courage, patience, perseverance and true character of a human being. Adversity and hardships make a person strong and ready to face the challenge of life with equanimity. There is no doubt that there can be no gain without pain. It is only when one toils and sweats it out that success is nourished and sustained. Thus, life is and should not be just a bed of roses thorns are also a part of it and should be bringed by us just as we accept thebeautiful side of life. And those, who think that good times last forever, succumb to pressure during difficulties. They do not put in required hard work and efforts because they break down easily.

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Motivation vs Psychological Contract

During the history peoples transportations and needs pose been changing. They depends inter alia on actual situation on the marketplace and up-to-the-minute necessities of life. The economy climate is also important in creating peoples performance. spate willing pull out a sizable performance at buy the farm when their situation is certain. Poor performance will be made when situation is unst adapted. One of the key issues connected with the employee performance is motivation. Without well-motivated employees enterprise cornerstone non exist on the market for a long time.Employees atomic number 18 very important part of the troupe, be earn thanks to them it can perform properly and fulfill its goals and assumptions. Unmotivated employees will non make their job with proper involvement and consignment, so their performance will be contrary to expectations of an employer. One of the biggest challenge for an employer is to motivate its employees to perform on the required level. Nowadays, it is not easy thing to do. Different types of employees corroborate opposite expectations and things which motivate them.Different authors created motivation theories, but most of them was created in the last century. Great learn everyplace people has also a psychological pledge mingled with them and their brass instrument. Motivation theories and the psychological contract be the most powerful tools to motivate people, when they ar utilize in the right context. Person is motivated when he knows what he wants to do to achieve specific goal. Motivation covers all federal agents which makes person to act from positive, like money, to negative, like fear of defeat. Motivation factors atomic number 18 different for severally individual person.They be changing because of age, sex, attitude in society, education, level of skills, knowledge and circumstances. as well as support from the managers and leading has a significant meaning. Unmotivated manager cannot lead people to good performance. Organizational background and surrounding environment should be motivating. When managers knows employees needs, demands and expectations they be able to treat one as an individual and have specific glide path depending on persons character and attitude. Managers cannot forget about persons development and setting realistic and challenging targets.Important in keeping positive motivation is also reward for a good job performance. People like to be awarded and that keeps them self-motivated on a high level (Adair 2006). Motivation is an important part both in an individuals and in a companys performance. Even very well trained and very able employee will not perform well unless motivated. Higher motivation does not always result in a direct increase in productivity, because, in many jobs, productivity is limited by an some other(prenominal) people or by the pace of machine(Robertson 1992137).The motivation theories fall into two groups conte nt and process theories. First of them explain why people behave in a particular way in terms of those individuals pursuits of need fulfillment. Content theories attempt to determine the specific needs that motivate individuals(Gallagher 1997). A group of the content theories includes theories of McGregor, Herzberg and McClelland. movement theories are those of, for example, vrooms, Adams, Hackmans and Oldhams. Theory X and Theory Y created by McGregor assumed there are two kinds of people.In Theory X people are lazy, unambitious and want to avoid responsibility. Employees are against the system and represent defensive attitude. Very high level of supervising is required other than people will perform very poor. Theory Y says that run for is in a human nature and it is able to provide enjoyment and self-fulfillment. Managers have just to make a positive climate for personal development and minimize supervision. Thanks to this people will feel self-reliance, confident and self-actu alized (Tyson 199311). Herzberg was researching factors which have influence over peoples feelings about work.Those factors brings out satisfaction or dissatisfaction achievement, recognition from others, the work itself, responsibility, opportunities for advancement, company policy and administration, supervision, salary, interpersonal relations, working conditions. He recognise two groups of factors satisfying needs. First one are external (hygiene) factors that cause unhappiness and dissatisfaction. They have to be present to avoid dissatisfaction, but by themselves they do not provide satisfaction. Managers need to provide intrinsic factors to keep employees happy with their job.He claimed that employee abilities should be fully used otherwise he will not be well motivated (Thomson 2003). How Herzberg theory applies to XXXX employees. Management at XXXX understands that hygiene factors can potentially cause dissatisfaction among their employees, which in turn can lead to the p assing of productivity and profitability. Therefore, they gave their employees Herzbergs theory assessment. With these results, the company is able to provide competitive pay and bonuses that can motivate employees to work harder XXXX believes that rewarding hard working employees satisfies the motivating factor of job security.The company confirms this with pay incentives. Moreover, Management realizes that work conditions could play an integral part of their business success, not only for their employees, but for their customers as well. In admission to the brand new facilities, they also use state of the art cleaning materials that clean and make any surface resistant to dirt and decay. It is the goal of XXXX to champion job satisfaction from all of its employees by increasing motivators and decreasing hygiene factors by constantly evaluating themselves through their employees (Hunter 2007). McClellands research has identified three raw material categories motivating needs, po wer, affiliation and achievement, into which people could be grouped, according to which need appears to be the main motivator in their lives. Those most interested in positions seek position of control and influence those from whom affiliation is most important seek pleasant relationships and enjoy helping others achievement seekers want success, fear failure, are task-oriented and self-reliant.The implications of the theory in practice are that managers can identify employees who are self-motivated, those who rely more on internal incentives and those who could increase their achievement drive through training (Tyson 199310). Vrooms theory has three basics elements expectancy, instrumentality and valence. Expectancy is belief that if a person make an effort to achieve goals he will be seen and appreciated. Instrumentality is conviction that when employee do what should be done with proper accuracy he will be rewarded by salary increase, packaging or other form of appreciation.Val ence is the value added by individual to the outcome. Employee will be poorly motivated if his reward has little valence for him (Kermally 200553). Adams argued that people want to throw relative returns for the effort they have put into work. Equity theory is based on the individuals perception of fear treatment. This theory bases explanations of behaviour on perceptions of social comparisons. Theory argues that the more intense the perceived inequity, the higher the tension and the stronger the motivation to act(Buchanan 2004251).Hackman and Oldham theory of job satisfaction presumes that three main rules take root about work. In the first of them person must perceive work as reasonable, rational. Second one says that person should take the responsibility for accept work results. In the last one person should have chance to meet own work results. In their opinion each job should take into circumstance above rules. Moreover, if those rules are included the higher probability of motivation occurs more by the job content than by some external factors. In preparedness the job complexity and level of difficulty should be taken into account (Miner 2006).In every day live people meet with contracts of a different type, for example contract of employment, bank contract etc. Contract is an agreement surrounded by two or more participants, which contains some settlements surrounded by them. In companies, apart(predicate) form the contract of employment also can be found an unwritten psychological contract, which is very important to keep a good relationships between the employer and the employees. Psychological contract is need to keep long term agreement. It contains mutual expectations and obligations. Fundamentally, the psychological contract expresses the combination of beliefs held by an individual and his or her employer about what they expect of one another. It can be described as the set of reciprocal but unarticulated expectations that exist between individual employees and their employers. As defined by Schein (1965) The notion of a psychological contract implies that there is an unwritten set of expectations operating at all times between every member of an organization and the various managers and others in that organization (Armstrong 2006225).The meaning of mutual expectations is also underlined by other researchers, such as Rousseau and Wade-Benzoni, Katz and Kahn. Expectations are related with behaviour, often they are presumed and they are not formulated in the job contract. Employees may expect, and they usually do, fair treatment, just wage, possibility of future development and that they will be informed what they are expected to do. But expectations are mutual, so the employers also have them. Generally, they want to receive obedience, loyalty, commitment in business or job efficiency.It is normal that each side of this contract possess its own set of assumptions of the other ones behaviour. Sometimes lack in fulfi llment of mutual expectations can cause tensions and mis spirits, or even dissolving of the contract of employment. The significance of the psychological contract was further explained by Sims (1994) as follows A balanced psychological contract is necessary for a continuing, harmonious relationship between the employee and the organization.However, the violation of the psychological contract can signal to the participants that the parties no longer share (or never shared) a leafy vegetable set of values or goals (Armstrong 2006227). Establishing a common set of values or goals is very important to keep positive and proper relations between people in the organization. Especially important seems to be their verbalization, because when people do not know what they can expect, they will not know why they are disappointed subsequentlywards, when their expectations are not met.But they will have a feeling that something is done not as it should be. For the organization that kind of atti tude can have a bad influence, because dissatisfied employees can have a negative effect on the organization activities. Specific character of the psychological contract in the organization is not based on a single transaction, because as Spindler claims every day people create relationships by means other than formal contracts() As individuals form relationships they necessarily bring their accumulated live and developed personalities with them.In ways unknown to them, what they expect from the relationship reflects the sum check of their conscious and unconscious learning to date(Armstrong 2006230). Not every person in organization is aware(p), that in forming specific demands and expectations he or she bases on own knowledge and experience. Psychological contract is something which is usually not defined, so it can develop in unexpected way and have unforeseen consequences. Good psychological contract have a lot of advantages for an employee as well as for an employer.From the employees point of view proper psychological contract should include proper approach to an employee (equal treatment, appraisal, understanding, respect), employment stability (it is important part of employment, but with dynamic changes on the labour market is not so attractive as it used to be), promotion (employees are focused on personal development and carrier opportunities), power and responsibilities (ability to make own decisions should be related with persons skills), trust and commitment (employee, who feels understanding and have trust in own organization is more engaged in work and wants the equivalent from the others).On the other hand employers check that the psychological contract covers competences, effort, commitment, honesty, loyalty and the attitude consisted with the organization values. Psychological contract between the employee and the organization is created when a person is joining the company. The first stage on which some basis of the psychological contr act may occur is the process of selection and recruitment. Employer presents own requirements and demands, invites selected persons for an interview and afterwards makes an opinion about the cohesion between the candidate and own organization.Employee acts similarly. After getting to know the organizations offer he or she should know whether that job is for him or for her appropriate for the offered salary and the level of skills. Psychological contract is not constant, it is not something that stays still. The psychological contract remains beneath the surface of relationships and is dynamic in character, continually changing, and oftentimes unacknowledged. It is a manifestation, too, of the ideals ego ideals that one party to the contract has for the other(Burke 199920). It changes, because its environment is changing.External and internal factors have great influence over its state. Internal changes are caused by the market competition. Nowadays career is not always developing f rom the bottom to the top. It sometimes can be horizontal, which means that individual employee development is not a guarantee of the promotion. Now, in the companies very important are flexibility and capability to changes. Employers are not currently interested in keeping the same team for all time. They make further co-operation dependent on the level of demand of the employees abilities for the company. Because of the nstability in employment Hiltrop suggested new type of psychological contract. concord to him There is no job security. The employee will be employed as long as he or she adds value to the organization, and is personally responsible for purpose new ways to add value. In return, the employee has the right to demand interesting and important work, has the freedom and resources to perform it well, receives pay that reflects his or her contribution, and gets the experience and training needed to be employable here or elsewhere(Armstrong 2006233). The new psychologica l contract does not guarantee a job for a lifetime.From my own experience I am able to say how important is the psychological contract for an employee. I was working for a building society, which was growing very well. As an employee I could expect from my employer appreciation and respect for my work. The responsibilities and duties for each of us were very clearly. The financial bonuses were the most motivational factor for all of us, because they were really high. The company has very good approach to its employees. When it generated more profits than it was presumed 25% of randomly chosen employees was going for a fully sponsored one week trip for one of the European countries.Also twice a year there was an integrating trip for all employees and lottery with the main prize of 50% of annual salary. None of this was formally written. It was the companys customs. The scoop performing salesman had a company car and a mobile phone for an unlimited disposition with the option of buyi ng them from the company after certain time. The loyalty to the company was very high. Nobody has left work by himself/herself since the establishment. Employees were very well motivated, because they knew that they would be appreciated. Thanks to those actions everybody were aimed for the companys success.They were aware that when the company will gain profits and when the managers will be pleased with their performance the reward will be proper. The relationship between the employees and the organization has been changing recently. The employees want to develop their skills and if the company do not provide any training or development options for them they will leave, because their motivation to action will decrease. nearly nobody wants to put an effort into companys performance without being appreciated for it. Underestimated employees will not put untold effort into their work.Motivation theories are old and not always adequate for todays labour market. Employers are trying to motivate people in a different way, apply different approaches and different points of view. Theoretical knowledge about motivation can be put into practice to see and explain, not only the psychological chemical mechanism of organizational behaviour, but also to formulate diagnosis. Psychological factors of responsibility for the individuals level of organizational behaviour have the basic meaning for understanding the peoples role in the organization and effective human resources management.Motivation theories are not flexible. They have their definitions, which contain certain rules and factors that create them. The psychological contract is much more flexible and can be changed under some special circumstances and mutual admittance. The negative side of the psychological contract is that, when one of the sides will not feel that their expectations and needs are fulfilled the trust and commitment will decrease. When these two factors are low the performance, positive attitude and motivation are poor.Motivation is important to keep the psychological contract, because without it the whole idea of the psychological contract is useless. Psychological contract has more determinant power than motivation theories. extemporaneous mutual expectations, when are appeased, can motivate very well. People can find themselves united with the organization and its goals. Good leaders and managers will do their best to satisfy an employee, but on the other hand they will expect the same from him/her. Retaining positive employment relationship and psychological contract can have great influence over the companys performance and image.List of references Adair, J. (2006) Leadership and motivation. London. Kogan Page Limited Armstrong, M.. (2006) 10th ednHandbook of Human Resource Management Practice. London. Kogan Page,Limited. Buchanan, D. , Huczynski A. (2004) fifth edn Organizational Behaviour. An Introductory Text. Essex. The Prentice Hall. Burke, E. (1999) Corporate Co mmunity Relations The Principle of the Neighbor of Choice. Westport. Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated. Hunter, S. (2007) Motivation in the Workplace Applying Maslow and Herzberg Theories. online Available from 1 Dec 2008 Kermally, S. (2005) Gurus on people management. Oxford. Thorogood Miner, J. (2006) Organizational Behaviour 1 Essential Theories of Motivation and Leadership. New York. M. E. Sharp Inc. Robertson, I. , Smith, M. , Cooper, D. (1992) 2nd edn Motivation strategies, theory and practice. London. Institute of effect Management. Thomson, R. 3rd edn. (2002) Managing people. Oxford. Butterworth Heinemann. Tyson, S. , York, A. (1993) Personnel management. Oxford. Made Simple Books.

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How Recent Japanese Boys Are Getting Femininize Essay

The recent anthropoid lacquerese gender identity is so unique in the same way as their culture. Most of them argon trend-setting and they always c ar about their hairstyles safe the likes of girls, and swear to be skinny. The reason why they look so feminine is non unsloped now because they want to develop a Kabuki Onnagata actors. There is a controversial reason. Since the wo manpower atomic number 18 getting a large part in the hostelry, Japanese gender roles make water drastically changed. Previously in Japan, women apply to be expect to follow men and learn house spark offs to get married with men who atomic number 18 introduced by p bents or marriage meeting.However, as womens rate increased in the company, men to a greater extent and more feel small. As women has got more money and free time, the media started to illustrate their desire. If they cast off the high lookout for men, guys tried to fill up it. This is the beginning of the remains where guys follo w the womens expectations, and recently it is distorting Japanese virile identity. Womens expectations for men cause the disturbance of masculinity, and especially the medias emphasis the distort the word pictures of manly identity.The media always represents the take account of the authorized people, and especially recent Japanese media is inclined to the womens opinions, and it distorts gender identity. Recent Japanese guys be so feminine. Whenever you walk around a city, you can find guys who be wearing skinny jeans, or guys who ready long hair like girls. You can even find guys wearing girls clothes. To describe those guys, thither argon a lot of slangs words, such as Sousyoku-kei-danshi, Otokono-ko, Jyosoushi, Oto-men, and so on. Sousyoku-kei danshi centre herbivore men who do non act aggressively and they favor the peace in the conference, so they breakt let refer in girls, love, and they even dont want to make love. There is a ranking query for asking them why you dont have girl friends. The popular reasons ar that they want to applaud their time, they are satisfied with current situations, troublesome, because of shyness, feeling light(a) with guys, and so on. Thus, they are negative for non solitary(prenominal) girls provided withal other things.Its variety of similar as herbivore animals, so they are named like this. For them, violence is not real and they hate to compete with people, so they dont work out like other counties guy want to become muscular. Instead, they believe on the job(p) out is a gays work, and ethical men should be skinny to wear fashionable clothes. They have grown up in the resection, so they dont desire luxuries. If someone make off the richness the they would look down on the Off course there are opinions that the scotch situation and education influence their value to live.While Japanese green people used to watch cars, brand products and travel to overseas during bubble era, current juvenili ty do not desire these things because they have shifted value. Previously Japanese youth wanted to emphasize richness, so they bought expensive products as if they were competing, but that is considered as stupid now because recent juvenility people want average things. They are not sizeable at competing with others and do not want to be distinguished from others because they posed how much it scares to been left out.For example, the media has open(a) the decline of big stars. Most poplar actress, hottest athlete and other historied talents are charged just because they made a slip of a tongue. They treat them as criminal. Moreover, once comedians become popular and are shown on too many programs, audience tend to want them to disappear. Not only the other world, they to a fault have watched the real life bullies. That is why they do not behave like muscular guy, and nurture the cooperativeness with others. That is what girls have expected to have in Japan. education also affec t their value.Japanese young coevalss are lacking the competitive spirit because Japanese have gotten a more relaxed education since the 1980s, which means setting high price on the individualistic value. this education strategy is influenced by America because Japanese education system was too competitive. They had memorized text as much as possible to pass the juggle test for university. To improve such machine like education and prize the individual value, they needed the system that makes students have their own opinions and take more time to discuss how to solve problems around them.However, it didnt work because Japanese people are culturally passive, so few people make statements in classroom, as a result, while the amount of the words which students have to memorize decrease, they came not to consider, as a result, the system just cut off the amount of study. Furthermore, it becomes easy to go to university because the traditional entrance test become easy, 50% student pa ss the entrance test only by the interview. Which is not enough to rationalize the reason why Japanese guys are actuate to be feminine or skinny.However, those facts do not directly influence the gender identity because they up to now have money if they live with family and Japanese schools still have traditional gender treatment for apiece boys and girls. The media is the most influential factor to distort the male role in Japan, and period of play is one of the ripe sources to feel how different the gender role is. traditionally Japanese TV love dramas illustrate the trend of each age, so if its compared up to each age, its easy to understand the value for the era.In the bubble age, the heroes had longing jobs, such as advertising, travel agency, or someone who works at oversea, and story is about the love affairs of a group of several characters. Most women admire life in the drama and fashion of feminine role, and they desire to have same one or try to find those guys wh o can purchase it for them. At that time they expected guys to economic lastingness, and they thought guys should have the competitive power, so that was common like other countries. However, some women started to be suspicious about the masculinity because Japanese society was still male- reign base, so it was not interesting for some.And then, they became to apprehend that the next generation or their kids to be more kind. Womens expectations shifted from the masculinity to gentle conduct to young-bearing(prenominal)s. Thus, the herbivore men generations started to be born. Fashion is the most the concern things in some people feel young generation feel they want to go drink or play around if they dont have the good cloth Likewise the topic in the girls magazine, Japanese guys also interested in health and not only the talent Japanese male life is not also become feminine. I did not mean the discrimination, but just criticize the Japanese too much self-concerning.In the 80s, J apanese media used to show the Yankees or yakuza kind of stories on the drama, and that was a fundamental stereotype in Japan because people in that age still believed that the guys must be strong and male also dominated society. The phonation drama is drill Wars. The story is about that a former Japan national rugby team player hired as a high school rugby coach. However, the school is famous for the bad boys and especially the rugby kids were uncontrolled. The team straggles with a lot of problems and in the story, but finally the coach pulls the team together and won the high school national rugby tournament.That kind of story is so-called spokon, and this literary genre became a popular at the era because the story is quit aboveboard and make audience refresh the mind. However, the some guys also admire those images on such a drama, so it let them go into juvenile delinquency, and it became a accessible issue. To prevent from such behavior, Japan broadcast direction came to make restrictions for violence scenes, so those dramas disappeared from the screen. At the same time the male gaze objectified women on screen, so there are so many comedy shows that describe the women naked on midnight.In the 90s to early 00s, Japanese media was drastically changed and the contents had became to reflect womens request, so the popular genre shifted from spokon to love romance which is so-called trendy-drama. The stories look at the girls comics and got a large female audience. In this decade, a lot of women came into the society, so feminists and female employee criticized about the strongly male dominate society. Those dramas also illustrate the i locoweed women workers role, so that got support from women, and Japanese media gradually start leaning to the women side.Not only the dramas, the music shows also became popular because J-pop reached the peak of popularity, especially Johnny & Association, producing boys celebrity groups company, turn out many popular groups, and got the many funs, so the media producers learned that they can got huge viewers and sponsored instead of the actors if they have the playing skills or not. As a result, those good- feeling celebrities dominated Japanese dramas, movies, or even music industry. At the same time, those body images threat peoples self esteem.It was raised as a social issue that Girls obsess with the dieting and desire to be thin, so it also caused the eating disorder. Current youth guys has grown up in this era and exposed those ideal models of raw(a) masculinity by the media, as a result appearance is spontaneously placed on their primary concerns. As Iida says It was the development of an image/information oriented mode of capitalist economy of the 1990s that made the imaginative exploration of switch selves, including the aesthetically sophisticated self-representation by young men, a highly desired economic practice. (2)People were motivated to go after the behave of celebrities, so young generations takes it for granted to blush up their appearance to be taking or popular in their class room. Since later 00s, the image-oriented capitalism became hash and distorts body images, and especially guys are objectified as much as female objectification on the screen because the media producers change the strategies to get audience. TV displace basically depend on the advertising income, but sponsors do not offer the advertising comprise because youth generations came not to watch TV compared to the 90s young generation.Even thought drama story were written by originally until beginning of 90s, most recent dramas are found on the girls comics because there are funs that already know the comic, so its easy to correct audience. Moreover, the girls comic stories usually appear a lot of hansom roles, and producers can adopt good looking celebrities who also have a large number of funs, so it can get viewers As a result, particular kind of fetishisms become to be repre sented in the drama. For example, Ouran High School Host Club is a drama, which visualized originally from popular girls comic.The story is about the official drove club in boys school treat the patrons from girls school next to there. In such a chance(a) life, character makes problems. The male characters are unique and created by the womens fetish. Suou Tamaki is a selfish but good at to escort girls and categorized as an Oujisama kei ikemen, which means prince kind guy. Yusuke Yamamoto, a most popular young actor plays this role. His reflection is well organized and looks feminine, but girls regard him as neutral and adore. Mitukuni Haninostuka is also representative in this drama.He always has a rabbit dole and behaves like a girl, but it stimulates the maternal quality of girls. Although Yudai Chiba is a popular fashion model in the male magazine, but he paly this role because his face is so sophisticated and feminine. Even though this drama is for girls, both Yamamoto and C hiba are supported by male youth and they suggest those guys a raw kind of masculinity that is leaning to famine side not only on the screen but also on the magazine. Guys who are sensitive for appearance imitate their fashions, behavior or life stile. Thats the major reason why Japanese youth are getting feminine.In later 00s, this male objectification has started on the drama commercials or paper media also pound them pay attention to their appearance. While Japanese commercials are traditionally celebrities make the products look good, the characters on the current commercials are different from a decade ago. The clients favor to use more neutral guys to promote their products. A typical example is that suits company, Haruyama, adopt AKB48 for their male suits commercial. The company considers that AKB48 is a Japanese most popular female group, so they can attract a lot of guys fun.At the same time, they wanted to highlight their sparsity of suits by letting girls wear the mal e suits. What we can see this commercial is that how much Japanese guys desire to be thin or look slim. As I mention that, most of Japanese girls are stick to the skinny body images, but its not only womens issues anymore. Japanese guys also want to be skinny because those who are recognized as an ideal guy is like a western looking just like girls comic represent. To the matter is worse, Japanese ornamental company publishing company or TV comedy shows have a promotion campaign, and cause for them to come close to the images.For example, Rohto Pharmaceutical CO. , Ltd produce a many kinds of male cosmetics, and push the strong messages on commercials like if you dont use this, girls never come close to you. The extreme campaign is that they force them to do whitening their skin just like women. This kind of objectification to guys as a female is often seen on the media. Magazines for men force them to be fashionable as much as girls do, and teach them how to deal with the male cosmetic products. At the one corner of popular TV comedy show, guys are appareled like women and compete how much they are beautiful even though they are not sapphic or transvestite.Iida mentions, the idea that the feminisation of culture leads to the feminisation of masculinity is an interesting proposition(3). Thus, Japanese society itself threat young guys to be clean, skinny or feminine. Japanese young men are looking for the new muscularity under the media pressure, womens high expectations, and hyper pure society. As the media describe, the ideal parson is that he is tall, skinny, intellect what girls are thinking and having the flexibility to correspond to the social requirement. That model is rare or no pull round case, but the media never stop exposing those ideal.To matter worse, Japanese are not good at to subscribe to or discuss the extra ordinal thoughts. While that ideal mode is completely unusual or wrong, they are stick to it, so most of guys feel unconfident a bout themselves. They are lacking self-esteem, so they cannot be aggressive toward girls. They think they must be fashionable and keep cleanness wherever they go, but women do not so much care about the mens appearance when they chose their partner. In fact, some of them are more likely to get marry with previous generation guys in 30s to 40s because their self-esteem is high enough to approach the women regardless of their appearance.If male appearance is the first anteriority for women to decide marriage, the young generation must superior to that generation. However, the fact is different. The thing is that women are more vivid than men. While they admire those who inside of the media, they know that is not real. That becomes variance for those guys wants to response to womens demand. While remote critic often argue about this issue, that was never understood by their generations because their generation was not Byzantine as much as nowadays, so it stereotypically analyzed an d label young guys as inferior new type, and make fun of them it just like a game.However, they should take it account that social expectations are shifted, and guys are expected to have more female role to coexist with women. The gender could not be well judged by biological role in current complex society. Sue Thornman claims that a female psyche holds a double contentivity while she represents herself to herself, she also performs a role of another subject who consciously creates, manipulates, and compensates for the figurability of an imaginary subject that projects cohesiveness as its founding assumption through a fictional body. (5 Iida). To response to social demand, guys are just imitating the female behavior not because they actually wants to be a women, so the media should let them know it, and suggest how understand the female role and new male identity. In conclusion, distorted masculinity by the media make Japanese young guys hard to find appropriate model. Older gene rations also criticize their constructing new way, so it makes more difficult issue. Most young generations get the complex from that reason, and they seem lack the self-esteem.However, those who hold out the issue must ignore what the media expose. Most Japanese people tend to believe that the media is truth because they used to follow the majority. As I mentioned, most Japanese people are disciplined not to have the individualistic opinions. In the class, its rare to be asked their opinions and only take the note what teachers are talk of the town or writing on the board. As a result, they stick to one idea. They also lack the experience to acknowledge other cultures.They dont know how fouling people observe themselves because majority of Japanese never been abroad. Japanese society is traditionally closed, so problems become too domestic. If its the U. S. people express the rejection to the media like Justin Bever is criticized as a gay singer. Even though minority people criti cize about that on 2ch, those people are thought they are dropped from the main stream and are not persuasive because they track their name. Anyway, to combat this issue, Japanese must be more flexible and reject to be brainwashed by the media.

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Impact of Electronic Information on Individuals & Society

In this report I will discuss the impact of electronic selective in habitusation on individuals and society. I am going to talk about how the representations pile access information has changed and how novel technologies have compete a part in this. Firstly I will talk about how increased availability of electronic information has changed mine and my familys casual lives. Then Ill consider how this has affected the older generation, in particular, the elderly.After that, Ill explore some of the ways organisations these days communicate with individuals and society, and finally Ill talk about people who do non have access or dont want to have access to the internet and the thinkable consequences of this. Over the past few years the amount of information I receive from paper-based information sources has reduced dramatically while electronic information is becoming more and more signifi derrieret to mine, and my familys daily lives. On a daily basis I access many unalike types of electronic information such as text messages, internet and television.All these things have a huge impact on me and my family. For example, if I want to meet a friend, first of all I text them to find out if theyre at home and are not busy, while not so long ago when I didnt have a officious phone I would go to their house and find out if they were at home, which isnt very time efficient. Another example of how increased availability of electronic information has changed my flavor is the way I find the information I penury. Not so long ago I was attending for information I need in paper-based sources such as books, untriedspapers and magazines.While now I for the approximately part use the internet, and a search engine such as Google for searching for information. But the problem with search engines is that you have to be very accurate and know exactly what kind of information you want to find, other than you may not find what you need or not exactly the kind of informat ion you need. I sometimes also watch the television television provides light entertainment, education and information. It means that I fire be kept up to date with what is going on in the world by reflection the sores, or alternatively can be kept amused.In the rapidly aging population, the elderly are called upon to suit to new applied science and the demands of modern society. It is widely accepted that elder individuals show low adjustment to new technologies compared to younger generations, either because they do not have the technological experience or because of their current wellness status. At their reason to use new technologies, they usually face many difficulties related to the complexity of new technology. Other contributing factors for this low adjustment to new technologies are the lack of incentives, economical obstacles, digital skills and reserve training.A commonly held view is that the market is not currently investing enough on innovations for the elder u sers, such as comprehensive and user-friendly services for healthier living conditions. In addition, many products and services practically are not appropriate to the inevitably of elder users, exacerbating the sense of frustration and leading to colony on other people. The main sources of information for the elderly are the internet, thematic television channels and magazines.In their effort to take greater responsibility for their personal health, forcible status and independent living conditions, the elderly users need to be more informed through the use of these sources. Technology may involve the use of most simple everyday electrical appliances (TV, kitchen, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, etc. ) or other more complex machines (ATMs, PCs, mobile phones etc. ) This widely accepted use of new technology by the elderly population has a beneficial effect on their quality of life. More and more organizations are equipping the use websites to labor themselves.When an organization h as a website, they suddenly have a home base for the messages their customers have to share with everyone. They can take that to the next level by branching out and allowing their customers to sign up to be on an e-mail list on their website. They can then send potential customers updates for the latest deals, blog posts, and more. Although e-mail is a valuable communication tool, its widespread use in academic and business settings has introduced some new challenges for some people. I believe every business needs to use technology to gain hawkish advantage.In todays world, time and efficiency are very essential factors in business growth, so if you want your business to survive in this technologically demanding century, you will need to use technology. The type of technology used in business varies, as they do not all have the same needs of technology it can be used for communication, manufacturing, packaging, quality control, record keeping, accounting, human resource management, data security, last making, used to improve customer service, business marketing and promotion and more.Because it is a relatively new form of communication, basic social conventions for writing and responding to e-mail are still being worked out. Miscommunication can easily overstep when people have different expectations about the e-mails that they send and receive. In addition, e-mail is used for many different purposes, including contacting friends, communicating with professors and supervisors, requesting information, and applying for jobs, internships, and scholarships.Depending on your purposes, the messages you send will differ in their formality, intended audience, and desired outcome. The individuals who do not have access to the internet, do not know how to use it, or simply do not want to use it are being deprived of the benefits, social opportunities, and time saving methods the internet provides. This march on segregates certain groups of society. For example, most uneducated people probably do not have access to the internet, and if they did, they would not be able to use it as efficiently as more educated people.The internet has changed the way we live, interact with others, and go about our daily lives. Social interaction no longer relies on physical location, which has many implications that sociologists are interested in studying. As a relatively new invention, we have to that degree to see the full implications and effects that the internet has on societies around the world. This opens up an entirely new and arouse field within sociology and it will be interesting to see where it takes us.

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Nursing Management Essay

Nursing Management, named 2003 egress of the Year by the Ameri arsehole Society of Healthc atomic number 18 Publication Editors, places special emphasis on the spick-and-span skills require to succeed in todays turbulent easilyness care arena, and prides itself on creation a strong, independent platform for the expression of a broad range of opinions and views. It is devoted to breast feeding counselling upkeeps including recruitment, retention, reimbursement news, legal issues, and the pressing health care industry. Nursing management is performing leadership functions of governance and purpose-making at bottom organizations employing restrains.It accommodates processes common to all management like planning, organizing, staffing, directing and defendling. Importance of nursing management and function of the she-goat manger Nursing Management a useful source for current advice on how to manage health care delivery across the continuum of care. Novice shields orientat ion to clinical nursing practice occurs in the unfavourable period in the midst of graduation and acquiring the overlord she-goat habit. Accommodating this transition process presents a challenge to talented clinicians in communicating essential behaviors intrinsic to the nursing direct.In general, the beginning view as wishings confidence in performing many new skills, and initial responses to problematic situations force out escalate into dilemmas without hitch from an acquired clinician of we hind end say by nurse theatre director. Therefore, to gain recognition as a discipline that nurtures, supports, and plys guidance for new members, strategies must be developed to advance the transition of the novice nurse to professional nursing practice. take for four-in-hands are key to retention, but limited by the scope and multiple skills needed for the role.The role and expectations for nurse jitneys in ambulatory settings are rapidly changing. Several recent trends should be of concern to nurse executives. Increasingly complex health care services are creation provided in this profession. The Nurse Manager plays an essential role in healthcare. She sets the tone of any Healthcare System. The Manager is the backbone of the organization. The gauge of patient care, as well as staff recruitment and retention success, rests with this key role. Over sequence it will be the strength of the nurse manager group that determines the success or failure of nursing leadership, the COO, and even the CEO.As critical as it is to develop those concrete and pragmatic skills noted above, there is similarly a delicate subtle art to being a Nurse Manager, to balancing the tensions between character and cost, to dealing with multiple stakeholders, presenting conflicting agendas, to dealing with stress and impel every day, to implementing processes needed to ensure that personalized compassionate care is provided consistently in the most efficient and effect ive manner possible ,these qualities in the manager espouses from experience.He has the pivotal role in creating an environment that provides quality care for patient and opportunities for fruit and development and staff. Constructive and positive attitude towards employ relation makes good manager sense . manager attitude is critical to the ability to staff to meet both there own profession goals of the organisation. the nurse manager has two principal(prenominal) roles manage of patient care and provide the necessary source for that situation. The manager action must be superior in grievance tradeling, employ discipline. On the another(prenominal) hand nurses ensuring that patients receive the best care possible by super competent and warmth.A vital cistron of nursing consists of communicating effectively with patients and their family. One would assume that this principle would also entertain between colleagues. Nurses are professionals and therefore should communicate jibely with fellow peers as ones attitude of another merchantman jeopardize or influence others in regards to an effective processing relationship and environment in a health care environment characterized by a shortage of nurses, retention is important to achieving good outcomes. The nursing is to provide quality patient care.This mandate becomes harder all the time, especially given the financial and staffing issues that healthcare organizations are facing. Nevertheless, the Nurse Managers is the person responsible for maintaining quality on the unit. She must define what quality means on her unit, set standards for quality, develop consistent processes, eliminate errors, measure results, and constantly improve performance. Benner (1984) discussed the need for clinical experts in patient care areas to provide clinical teaching for new nurses who are in the beginner or advanced beginner levels in their nursing practice.Because novice nurses do not typically understand the context ual meaning of newly learned theoretical concepts, they require guidance in the clinical setting that is for the most part provided by a more experienced nurse. As a nurse manager, you are expected to hide all the problems on your unit whether internal or inter plane sectional, concerning competencies or complaints, or concerning patients or families. But youve come up through the ranks, youve seen it all, and you can shell out everything thrown at you.Nurse Managers were interviewed and all ward- backsided G ground floor charge nurses within the trust were sent a questionnaire to ascertain the level of satisfaction with the way the castrates had been introduced whether they were in favor of the changes and if they had sufficient time, know leadge, resources, preparation and support to enable them to undertake their new role. A random essay of charge nurses was also interviewed. It was found that the majority of charge nurses were in favor of the development of their role, be lieving it to be both inevitable and necessary.However, many felt that the change process had been managed ineffectively. There had been insufficient consultation during the change process, preparation and support were perceived as inadequate, the roles of the various protagonists were often unclear, and the lack of supernumerary status led to role conflict and confusion. As a consequence the new ward managers were often unable to take on the true potential of this demanding but exciting role. The nurse manager who clarifies the vision of collaboration, practices as a role model for collaboration, and inspires others to achieve this difficult goal.In addition, the nurse manager manipulates the environmental resources and facilitates self-confidence of staff. The management figure that unites the work environment with individual ability is most likely to facilitate collaborative practice. Difference between the expert nurse and the novice nurse For many years student nurses were tr ained in a more disciplined commence with considerable time allocated to working in the infirmary environment and stipulate times allowed for gaining theoretical knowledge throughout their formal training.Nurses therefore gained a tremendous amount of experience and competency in their practical skills. With the introduction of more specialized equipment and technology it was now desirable to improve the professional status of nurses and nursing education. The introduction of university trained nurses has been met with much criticism. Student nurses are now being empowered and informed with theoretical knowledge from many health disciplines that allows them to use a holistic approach to patient care.The changes to nurse education were hoped to improve the professional status of nurses although this transition has not been without problems. Integrating raw nurses onto the unit with the nurturing and encouragement they need is a primary charge to the Nurse Manager. Yet the pressure of workaday life on a nursing unit often precludes time for true mentoring and the TLC that is built-in to fostering trust and shipment in orienting staff. A failure in this realm leads to senseless morale and high turnover among the nursing staff.Experienced nurses who are already working in disagreeable conditions with continuous staff shortages and poor recognition of service see the student nurse some(prenominal)times as an extra hindrance to their already increasing workload. Student nurses are theoretically competent but lack the clinical expertise and experience to complement this knowledge which can also add to the professional pressure that experience nurses encounter. Most nurses would like to see themselves, as promoters of nursing but are frustrated and disillusion with their profession.It would seem then that student nurses as a result of this dissatisfaction are often devoured by some nurses instead of being encouraged and nurtured in their enthusiasm for nursi ng. the novice nurses has no enough experience to clutches aspect and recurrent meaningful component of the current situation for example a newly calibrated nurse student, he has no understanding of situation exists he can not perform well as we aspect, in that effect the province of the manager is much, he is responsible for all activities more work load and stress due to the novice nurses.He determines which aspects of situations are important and which can be unattended him in the case of novice nerse,the manager kept one question in mind, he can perform this work or not. So the responsibility of the nurse manager is more in case of novice nurse. The performance of novice nurse is guided by principals and rules of conduct, so the manager has another responsibility to create some rules and limitation for novice nurse. Expert nurses have an ability to take decision according to the situation, Able to focus on the accurate region of the problem of the situation because judgment is based on understanding of paradigms.Effectiveness of practice not hindered by any wasted regard of alternative diagnosis or solutions. In this case the responsibility of the manager is less, and free to perform to another work. Novice nurse has no experience so he can not judge, what is the actual situation and he can not take decision, he is waiting the order of manager, so the responsibility and the work varies. Novice nurses can main health problem but experienced nurse can do well, all discussed problem.The main thing is, satisfaction of patient, it is only possible by experienced nurse. Expectation of aesculapian surgical police squad by new nurse manager with respect of experienced nurse Nursing has always been a physically demanding profession. Today the physical demand is as great as ever with the added challenge of highly technical and increasingly complex treatment modalities. The nurse is an analyst, a communicator, a facilitator, a problem solver, a decision maker , and above all a clinical expert.Nursing requires a broad theoretical base and a new and ever changing clinical skill set, along with the ability to integrate speculation with clinical practice. Without the necessary educational preparation and on-going in-service training the nurse will feel overwhelmed, stressed, and unsupported. And to the Nurse Manager falls the task of assuring that her staff doesnt lag behind and that high quality patient care is sustained regardless of newly imposed expectations.The pressing need for health care renew in this century has contributed to an increasing interest in educating health care providers who can deliver cost-effective, high-quality care. consume for primary care nurse practitioners has risen significantly, and nursing education has responded by increasing the numbers and graduates of nurse practitioner programs. Although this century brings new opportunities for expanded nursing roles, it also presents challenges for nurse practition ers to sustain a holistic perspective while providing quality care.The new Nurse Manager may be uncomfortable or frustrated when she realizes that she has 100% responsibility for everything that happens on her unit, without 100% authority. Thats because she has to rely partially on other departments e. g. housekeeping, food services, pharmacy, etc. for her success. The successful seasoned manager has developed interpersonal skills, interdepartmental relationships, and the skill to apply effective influence, even lacking formal authority.In this profession the main thing is that how we can control the critical condition. he main objective if this profession is, that how we can recover the patient as briefly as possible and some times to save his life in the most serious condition, in these condition the expert or we can say having tremendous knowledge and ability to take decision it doesnt subject field, he is an manager or experienced nurse but the matter is that to take recompen se decision within time. it is the profession in which we prefer the experience and practice not degree, because in this dramaturgy it is necessary to save life of anyone and this is comes from practice not achieve a degree of management . ere the expert means who has experienced in the care of patients with restrictive airway disease in an emergency department setting, has experience in the insertion of peripheral access devices on daily basis.He provides assistance with doctor insertion of central venous access devices and arterial lines Expert has 25 years of experience in the management of pain in patients in variety of settings in acute care and in medical office practice, Expert has clinical experience in an acute care hospital setting.His areas of expertise include outpatient surgery, medical, surgical, telemetry, intensive care, and the emergency department. He carried out all patient care functions within the realm of hospital policy and nurse practice act as a licensed p ractical nurse caring for the urgent visit patient under the auspices of the emergency department. Nurse Experts provides healthcare consulting and technical advice to attorneys, physicians, indemnification and accreditation organizations, health professionals, private investigators, injured and 3rd parties, media and production.Our nurse experts also provide special services to hospital and nursing home risk management departments. On the above discussion we can say that medical surgical team wants a person who can help in his case it does not matter he was a manager or a nurse but he has an ability to handle the situation with responsibilities, he can take active part in his operation and not commit mistake because in this profession there is no chance of mistakes.Now the one question rescind that how they satisfied there job, the answer is that if he has ability to handle the situation, he has ability to satisfy the patient, provide good curing, in this profession the main thin g is that how we can deal with the patient problems, provide split treatment so that the patient recover soon then they are perfect in there job and then we can say that they satisfied there job.